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Otosclerosis is an inherited disease that is progressive in nature and creates a conductive hearing loss. The condition can begin in early adulthood and is more prominent in women than men. Research also indicates that there is some connection between pregnancy and the onset or acceleration of otosclerosis. For patients with this condition, hearing loss occurs due to fixation of the middle ear bones (or ossicles) and most specifically, the stapes. This fixation is caused by new, spongy growths of bone around the stapes, which hinders the transmission of sound.

Surgery is the preferred treatment for otosclerosis and the procedure is called stapedotomy or, in some cases, stapedectomy. The surgeon bypasses the bony growth by removing some of the stapes bone with a laser and attaching a microscopically small metallic prosthesis. This prosthesis is barely the size of an eyelash and is non-magnetic, making it safe for patients to have MRI scans in the future if needed. The surgery is done on an outpatient basis and the recovery period is typically brief, usually within 5-10 days. Stapedotomy is a highly effective way to correct the conductive hearing losses of patients with otosclerosis and results in some patients can be dramatic. Hearing aids are typically an alternative to surgery.


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