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Custom Ear Protection

Whether you need to keep your ears dry during swimming, want a more comfortable fit for your portable CD player or cell phone, and even if you just need to protect your hearing in noisy environments, custom ear products are definitely the way to go. More comfortable and more effective than over-the-counter, non-custom ear pieces, these products are a simple and affordable way to meet your individual needs. Colorful, comfortable swim plugs are available for those persons who need to keep their ears dry due to chronic ear problems or surgical placement of ear tubes. These are great for trips to the beach, the pool or even the tub or shower. They even float in water so the concern for losing them is minimized. Hearing protection comes in a variety of styles for a variety of needs.

Ask our audiologist about custom plugs for minimizing loud noises, plugs for musicians and vocalists, plugs for hunting or recreational shooting and even for getting a good night's sleep in the presence of someone who snores! We can also make custom ear pieces for your hands-free cell phone accessories, portable CD players and radios, stethoscopes, and, of course, behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. Professional musicians and vocalists who use floor wedge monitors during performances should check out the ear-level systems that eliminate the need for floor wedges, allow you to hear yourself and your bandmates and still be responsible about hearing conservation without compromising your performance. All of these products require a simple, quick and painless impression of the ear that serves as the basis for your order. We order all our custom products from Westone Labs, an industry leader since 1959, and we invite you to visit their home page for additional information.


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