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R. Sterling Hodgson, M.D.
1849 NW Kearney Street, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97209

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Dr. Hodgson takes tremendous pride in providing the best otology and neurotology care in the in the Pacific Northwest. He firmly believes that medicine is a service industry and that patients deserve the best efforts of everyone on the staff. He is constantly seeking the finest and most current methods of otologic treatment for his patients. Dr. Hodgson offers both surgical and non-surgical treatments for middle and inner ear pathologies. His practice welcomes pediatric and adult patients and we accept most major insurances.

Although he has practiced in Portland, Oregon for his entire career, Dr. Hodgson's reputation as a highly skilled and compassionate physician has brought patients from many surrounding regions including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. He specializes in chronic or complex ear conditions including cholesteatoma, otosclerosis, Meniere's Disease and vertigo, among others.

In keeping with state of the art care, Dr. Hodgson works closely with Dr. Alison Metcalf, our clinical and dispensing audiologist. The practice offers a variety of technologies and solutions for persons with sensorineural, conductive or mixed hearing loss.


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R. Sterling Hodgson, MD | | 503.553.3664
1849 NW Kearney St., Suite 200, Portland, OR 97209


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